Conversely, if the rotor fails to move more than 3. Wave Drive, Full Step, Half Step and Microstep are the most common drive methods and each offers very different performances. Aansluiting Vac of Vdc. ATBAutomation Bedankt voor de lekkere stol! Stappenmotor SM Flens mm. This results in the 2-phase having steps per rotation, 1. Tevens stelt het ons in staat om bijvoorbeeld filmpjes op onze website aan te bieden en social media deel buttons te tonen.

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The more the motor vibrated the greater the voltage generated. A 2-phase motor has two phases, an “A” phase and a “B” phase, while a 5-phase motor has five phases. Here is a quick overview of the concepts for Full-Step and Microstepping drives.

Sțgra stappenmotor en vermogensregelaar РATB Automation

Stilstandkoppels van 0,45 tot 38 Nm. This results in the motor taking smaller steps. Although the teeth on a motor are supposed to be square, the stamping process and age of the die can cause some of the teeth, or portions of the teeth to be rounded.

In a 2-phase motor the stator is made up of 8 magnetic poles with small teeth, while the 5-phase motor stator is made up of 10 magnetic poles.

Finally, the rotor teeth line directly up with the next stator teeth figure 1. Terms and conditions apply. A motor will lose synchronism or miss a step when the teeth on the rotor don’t line up with the correct teeth on the stator. The difference between the peak and the valley is called the torque ripple. Structurally, the 5-phase stepper motor is not that different from the 2-phase motor.


Inclusief microstepping en leverbaar met bussystemen. There are two key differences between 2-phase and 5-phase stepper motors. What will cause the teeth not align properly?

This results in the 2-phase having steps per rotation, 1. Wij wensen al onze volgers fijne feestdagen toe! Hiernaast selecteren en bieden we de juiste componenten en systemen aan voor motion control oplossingen, zoals servomotorreductorenlineaire servoactuators tot aan complete XYZ cartesische systemen.

Bedankt voor de lekkere stol! Since a 2-phase motor takes steps per revolution it is almost perfect every steps, while the 5-phase motors take steps per rev and are nearly perfect every steps. Because of the smaller step angles in 5-phase stepper motors, 0.

The first is mechanical.

Stepper motor 4 Kg/cm

Aansluiting Vac of Vdc. Een cookie is een 55 bestandje dat met pagina’s van deze website wordt meegestuurd en door uw browser op de harde schijf van uw computer wordt opgeslagen. In order for this to happen the rotor must have either overshot went past the correct stator tooth or undershot not moved far enough to line up with the correct stator tooth by more than 3.


Kies hieronder uw fade Wij leveren draaikranslagersschudelementenkettingspanners en riemspanners uit voorraad en we hebben tevens kegelwielkastenservoreductoren en elektromechanische actuators in ons assortiment.

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Depending on your particular application, a 2-phase motor may suffice. Exact Match Any Related. By microstepping the motor in this example we have divided the basic steps per revolution of the 5-phase stepper motor by 5, increasing it to 2, steps per stsppenmotor.

The graph to the right shows the vibration generated from a 5-phase motor versus the vibration generated by a 2-phase stepper motor.

For applications requiring high precision, low noise and low vibration, 5-phase is the better technology. Free Shipping for Online Orders. Sluiten Wij maken bij het aanbieden van onze diensten gebruik van cookies.

Wave Drive, Full Step, Half Step and Microstep are the most common drive methods and each offers very different performances. ATBAutomation Wij stqppenmotor al onze volgers fijne feestdagen toe!