The reset hole on the back can be pressed with the stylus tip, the first Clie to have this feature. This is the first time Sony has introduced a handheld with a built-in MP3 player for a mid-range price. Oh, and I agree with those who say that the TG50 is the compitition Sony’s putting out for the Axim to compete with, for now. Please Login or register here to add your comments. On the Palm, enter the appointment name on the first hour. Best Selling in PDAs. The Audio Player software is version 2.

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Playing games is even more fun on the high-resolution colour screen. Its a skinnable version of the audioplayer, different from the T version, and could be in hi-res www. The SJ33 has roughly the same dimensions as the SJ30 but is thicker and 1. Compare the SJ33 to an HP If the SJ22 was thinner and lighter, I su33 wait for it to come out. Not two different methods.

Let’s hope they will do that in Palm OS 6. Memory Stick Included Accessories: The SJ33 comes with sync and power cables, no cradle this time. I plugged into both headphones and my computer sound system and had nothing but great audio. The Earth is flat.


And the limitations on memory make that implausible, too. You can customize it to your liking. By the time you add a case to The T, it’s as thick as the SJ33 if not more.

I’d clue having to retype all of that. The audioplayer is the same as my T Audioplayer version 2.

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie SJ33

While it isn’t as cheap as the Axim right away, we all know the price will drop quickly just as they do with all of Sony’s models. The ball is back on your side of the net.


Hidden card slot, drop protection, and kickstand. Maybe once this thing comes down in price I may be willing to ditch my m for it. Top The top offers the Memory Stick slot, lanyard loop, stereo headphone jack and infrared port.

Review — Sony Clie SJ33

Sony emphasizes the multimedia capabilities of its handhelds so of course the SJ33 has to come with a video player. If you want a comparison: Is this the same player found on the T series? I think the idea of using Palm OS5 for a x tablet is pretty silly, actually.


The Pocket PC has all of that built in. Additional Product Features Pc Interface. And with enhanced backlighting, outdoors or indoors, no matter the lighting conditions, your view is always clear. You must keep in mind that this won’t need a case.

Otherwise in the long run, OS 4. The x pixel screen is another Sony staple.

The tungsten and other OS5 models now display higher resolution icons, and the os 5 clies stillhave the option to display the small grid. Sony has integrated a hard plastic flip cover for the first time. Someone said “I think the idea of using Palm OS5 for a x tablet is pretty silly, actually.

It will preserve your settings and put the screen to sleep to increase battery longevity.