You can use all defaults. But i have some problem. The device is not ready. Do you have any suggestions on converting NotesSQL time column to date? Traveler 9. You need to configure it as if it was a real server.

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The steps below are for setting up the connection for a bit SQL Server. Do you have any suggestions on converting NotesSQL time column to date?

For example, in my case, paths of. It is also FAST. It allows ODBC-enabled data reporting tools, database tools, and application development tools to read, report, and update information that is stored in Domino databases NSF files. Now we can spend many hours trawling google again for error and ‘Setup cannot locate a supported version’ errors, before finally giving up until the next release. I already reinstalled lotus notes with no success.

C# – Lotus NotesSQL Driver install, configure and connect to server through ODBC – HintDesk

Then check step 5 again, you have to add paths of notes. Option 2 should be possible but does imply an additional redirection as you cannot manipulate the database which is managed by OutSystems.

As a proof of concept, give this user sysadmin permission to check notesdql everything works.


Learn how your comment data is processed. Double click “IBM Domino Server” on your desktop and follow the wizard just click next until the last step and you’ll be fine.

In your example of. Fill in details as shown in the screen below in this scenario I’m connecting to a local file on the same location as the DB server. Since there isn’t a 64 bit Notes client available we have tried installing the 64 bit Domino server.

So I’m slightly confused! I have a requirement to pull some legacy data from Lotus Notes and at the moment I am working through a 32 bit Lotus Notes Client.

Remove all spaces between IBM entries Copy notes. You can find in attachment the sample Lotus application I’m using in this tutorial. Your post is very useful. On my machine, this is what suddenly worked!

I’ve actually tested them from start to finish in clean environment to make sure they worked just fine. Let us know by taking this 2-minute survey.

Just use SQL syntax for updating. Change the permissions of lotuss OSRuntime database user For the OutSystems applications to be able to access the data of the linked server in runtime you need to change the permissions of the OSRuntime database user.

The ecosystem provides business collaboration functionality, including email, calendars, to do lists, contacts management, discussion forums, file sharing, instant messaging, blogs, and user directories.


Configure Lotus Domino Server.

Mat Newman

Choose one and enjoy yourself. Maybe they will help you when you have to install this driver. The environment uses this user to access data for the running applications. Through an ODBC connection string? Now I have nsf file on my local machine and lotus notes.

How to access legacy data from Lotus Notes / Domino applications

Create one if you don’t have it. Below you can find the steps I’ve learned through these experiments. I haven’t been able to figure out the exact permissions needed but, for a proof of concept phase, you can just coontrolador this user sysadmin permission and it will work fine.

Without NotesSQL, all data is locked. To make the system itself more friendly to 3rd applications, Lotus also provides a driver — Lotus NotesSQL controladdor so that 3rd applications can query data from Domino server.