After the memory test, the following message will appear on the screen: The thermal paste, which is usually supplied together with the CPU, looks somewhat similar to the one shown below. Inspect the cord and install a new one if necessary. Make sure pin 1 of the cable connector is aligned with pin 1 of J8. However, if the system is being accessed by incoming calls or the network prior to the date and time set in these fields, the system will give priority to the incoming calls or

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Video Off Method This determines the manner in which the monitor is blanked. Your system configuration amount of memory, add-in cards, peripherals, etc.

If you want to use the COM 2 serial port, connect the serial por t cable to connector J7. Updating The Bios 3.

Once the CPU is in place, push down the lever to lock the socket. The system BIOS will check the hard disk drive for the maximum block size the system can transfer.

Page 77 Award BIOS Setup Utility If you selected an option other than the default setting and is un- able to boot up the system, there are 2 methods of booting up the system and going back to its default setting.

Includes high resolution monochrome adapters. Use a30-tc/tl default values as standard values for your system. Halt On This field determines whether the system will stop if an error is detected during power up. If you are using the COM 2 serial port, make sure this field az30-tc/t, set to Normal.


When you later place the heat sink on top of the CPU, the compound will disperse evenly. If the system is configured with two hard drives, make az0-tc/tl the bootable first hard drive is configured as Master and the second hard drive is configured as Slave.

DFI AZ30-TC User Manual

Date displays the date, from 1 to These settings are not optimal and turn off all high performance features. Page 36 Hardware Installation jumper caps back to their original pin locations. The block size will depend on the type of hard disk drive.

The lever should click on the side tab to indicate that the CPU is completely secured in the socket.

Dfi AZTL Manuals

The following will appear. For example, 1 p. Az0-tc/tl install the audio driver, please follow the steps below. If this function is not supported, you need to download the appropriate driver from their respective website. Introduction tions and operating system. Jumper Settings Hardware Installation 2. System The system will not boot and access to Setup will be denied unless the correct password is entered at the prompt. If you are unable to boot your system due to overclocking, make sure to set the jumper back to its default setting.


If your monitor supports analog video but does not have a pin D-shell connector, see your monitor dealer for the adapter or optional cable. When done, the message below will appear: Danger of explosion if battery incorrectly replaced.

The larger the range of the Cache RAM, the higher the efficiency of the system. Shielded interface cables must be used in order to comply with the emission limits.

DFI AZ30-TL Manuals

This is to ensure an accurate diagnosis of the problem in case a problem has multiple causes. The 4 audio output signals together with the line-out jack at the rear panel support 6-channel audio output.

Information about the type and speed of CPU, type and amount of memory for each memory slot, BIOS revision level, types of add-in PCI boards and components, certain revision numbers of hardware installed, etc.

Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Introduction 1. If the system is configured with two hard drives, make sure the bootable first hard drive is configured as Master and the sec- ond hard drive is configured as Slave.